Enhance Your In-Market
With I-MAP
I-MAP is a new platform developed to provide all your stakeholders (brand, sales, in-market support, distributors, agency partners) with a wider, better view of your in-market activities for your entire brand portfolio.

I-MAP is specially customized for the spirits, wine and beer industries. The goals are time saving, efficiency, better decision-making and ease of sharing marketing plans and programs from a single, full-featured resource. Can I-MAP improve your go-to-market strategy? See how below...
More Visibility
With I-MAP
All Activity In A Single Portal
Catalogue all marketing programs in one place by location/state, brand, program timing and program type (customizable for other parameters as needed)
View Your Programs With Wide Variety
Search and display programs and program details in calendar format by brand, location, timing and type
Drill Down With One Click Access To Second Level Detail
Drill down to activation details, execution guidelines, sell sheets, POS decks or other program information customized for each client
Better Business
With I-MAP
No Searching Decks or Spreadsheets
With I-MAP, you no longer have to consult multiple source documents to track and manage your programs. All it takes is a couple of clicks and the data appears instantly before you.
Just the Right Data, In The Views You Need
A Retail State Manager in New York, a field marketer in Illinois, an On-Premise Distributor Manager in Florida... each wants to search and sort marketing program data according to their own market and their own needs. Now you can, easily, with I-MAP. For example...
State Manager
Summer In-Market Planning?
On-Premise Distributor Manager
See all Programs in your State for all your brands in one place
Focus on and see your Q2-3 Programs, for your focus Brand(s) only
Focus on and see only On-Premise Programs, only in your market
Information Sharing
With I-MAP
Piece of Mind for Brand Owners & Managers
Worried that your in-market teams and representatives are not aware of the carefully tailored marketing plans you spent months developing? With I-MAP, your full team, both in-office and in-market, has instant access to the same information, in real time, with just a couple of clicks.
Make a PDF
Download Data
Download Documents
Drill Down For Program Details
Grant External User Access
The I-MAP toolbox gives you all the tools you need to instantly and easily share your Program information with your whole internal and external team.
Expand & Grow
With I-MAP
I-Map Is Fully Scalable
I-MAP is fully scalable to add more users more brands, more programs, you name it. And it won’t cost you more to add more users. Only pay for the amount of server space you need.
I-MAP Is Fully Customizable
Catalogue all marketing programs by location/state, brand, programming and program type (customizable for other parameters as needed).
I-MAP Is Fully Secure
Running on AWS and SQL Server, our best-in-class technology stack provides the strict security, performance and compliance required by IT departments across the most demanding global companies and regulated industries.
Get In On Our Great
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61-100 Programs
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All plans include UNLIMITED users, custom branding, support, and document storage or linking. See terms for full details.
Order before December 1, 2023, and receive 5 hours of live content support to add your programs, data and documentation into the system at NO CHARGE.